My husband and I are about to begin the next chapter in our lives – retirement!!  It’s exciting and scary at the same time, as anything worth doing tends to be.  I’ve been a part of the mortgage lending community in Pittsburgh PA, Albuquerque NM, and Nashville TN for the past 40 years and he’s been driving very large trucks for about the same time all over the country.  We’ve worked hard and haven’t taken many trips to see our great land, so we’ve decided to begin our retirement in an RV and hit the road!  We’ll need to make some money along the way and I have a passion for quilting that I haven’t been able to satisfy with only a few hours a week, so I’m planning to turn out some creations to sell on Etsy while we travel.  This blog will be about our travels and learning to quilt in a very small space in the RV (quite a challenge).  We are Nancy and David and hope that you’ll follow us on our adventures.