Fairy Godmother

Are there days when you feel like you could use your very own personal fairy Godmother?  I feel like I’m having a week of those!  Not only have we just gotten through Christmas, but we’re about to move full swing into the sorting and selling of life-long possessions, and I’m in the process of moving from a windows PC to an Apple laptop.  Talk about a learning curve!  If only my fairy Godmother would just wave her magic wand and make everything happen instead of allowing me the joy (insert sarcasm) of going through all of this toil and trouble.

Christmas was lower stress this year than it has been in the past.  Our Christmas list was shortened and we did not send out Christmas cards.  Instead I spent many hours working on quilted table runners, wall hangings, and Bitty Baby accessories at my sewing machine. Even though this was lots of work, it was something I enjoy and it is a stress reliever for me.

I work for a large mortgage company near Nashville, TN, and the department I’m in is only made up of 10 people, so we have all become close and care about each other.  I’ve made quilts as new baby gifts for several co-workers outside of this department over the years, so when a person in my department jokingly asked if she had to have a baby or get married to get a quilt I started thinking about this.  At the time there were 8 people in the department including me, so that meant 7 people who I had worked with for a few years and had relationships with.  Here I am planning to retire in less than a year and may never see all of them again.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make each of them something to remember me by?  Yes, I decided I would do that for Christmas and promptly began planning and sewing table runners and wall hangings.  I brought them in to work two Fridays before Christmas and let everyone pick the one they wanted.  They were touched and I felt like I had done something lasting for each of them.

Then the Bitty Baby sewing began.  If you don’t know, the Bitty Baby is the American Girl baby doll that is meant for very young girls.  My 4 year old granddaughter, Rileigh, has one that she named Zoe, and Zoe is the center of her world (right after Star Wars).  Rileigh loves to change her diaper and wanted a diaper bag and some new diapers.  Zoe came with only one diaper and it was getting worn out from constant changing!  I went to Pinterest and found a diaper pattern at weefolkart.com and a diaper bag pattern at strocel.com.  The diaper bag was done first, followed by a changing pad, then 5 diapers, and then a couple of bibs from a pattern found at craftycupboard.net.  This was fun and the end result was probably Rileigh’s favorite Christmas present.  She immediately laid Zoe on the changing pad, whipped off that old diaper and put on a fresh one!  Raleigh is very adept at changing diapers.

One of my Christmas presents was an iPad mini, which was perfect timing because my previous tablet was not holding a charge for long and was becoming very frustrating.  I moved to an Apple iPhone in the fall of 2015, so have been learning the ways of Apple and this iPad shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.  Then I had to complicate things by  purchasing an Apple laptop today because my windows PC is old and lethargic.  Now the learning curve is much higher.  At least they are all on the same format and sync together.  I’m hoping that as I learn one I’ll learn them all.  As we talk about moving into the RV and traveling we’re figuring out things that make sense and having a laptop makes more sense than a PC, plus having all my devices on the same format should make life easier in the long run.  Wish me luck and the brain power to understand all this new fangled technology!  Oh, for a fairy Godmother and her magic wand!


Jumping In

There’s nothing like jumping in while I’m still trying to figure out all the Word Press and hosting sites.  I feel like a fish out of water!  While I’ve worked on and with computers for the past 15 years, my work has always been in set programs that I couldn’t configure or mess up.  This seems to be a very different mindset, so please bear with me as I learn.

My vision for this blog is to share the adventures my husband and I will certainly have when we retire and live full time in an RV.  We plan to travel around the country to see some sights that we haven’t taken the time to see before, and I plan to quilt way more than I’ve been able to while working full time.  Quilting in an RV will be a challenge, so part of our adventure will be learning new ways to enjoy my passion in limited space.  Our adventure will fully get on the road sometime during the summer of 2017, but until that time there is lots to do in preparation and I’ll be sharing that as well.

My goal is to write a blog at least once a week since this will be a busy time with both of us still working full time while sorting, tossing, and selling most of our possessions and a house.  This seems like a daunting task, but as my mind wraps around it I’m finding bite size pieces to deal with.  Right now we’re just getting through the holidays.  In January we plan to dive into the major sorting and packing.  I hope you’ll check back frequently to find out how we’re doing and follow our journey.